September 30, 2010

{ my fall mantle }

the nester is hosing a mantle party. . . so, i figured i'd post a pic of mine. . .i'm actually not a big halloween fan at all. . .i just LOVE making my boys' costumes. . .that's what i really get into. . .and this year. . .(i'm giggling with glee. . .i'm TOO excited) . . back to my halloween decor. . . this year i opted to not put out my glittery skulls, hands, etc. . . . i did more of a whimsical pumpkin. . .somewhat vintage theme around here. . . .

AND. . .

my HUGE thanksgiving tote is sitting out. . .anxiously waiting. . . in my bedroom. . .so my halloween mantle, may be switched up REALLY soon for pumpkins and pilgrims!

anyways, a little different from last year's. . .but not much. . .

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September 29, 2010

{ happy birthday to me. . .so a giveaway for U }

it's already been a GREAT past few days. . . .hubby always says it's your birthday week. . .not just your day, so i've been blessed! he brought my cake home yesterday (my tradition from him for about 13 years. . . .a baskin robbins white cake with gold medal ribbon. . . YUMMO)

anyways. . .notice what it says this year. . .

happy birthday jeff. . . .ha! it made me smile!

JEFF. . .JESS. . .they sound the same, huh?

SO. . . .september is my THREE YEAR BLOGGING ANNIVERSARY. . . . . .

and since my friend renee from nioka green store is so generous. . . .she is sponsering a giveaway. . .for a ENVIROSAX bag picked out by her, just for you!!! i have the piggy one, and i use it daily!!! come to think of it, it really needs to be washed. . .but it's already packed for a day at DOLLYWOOD today!

this one is an example of how cute they are. . .i picked this one to make my friend becca smile!

OK. . .What you really want to know:

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I'll announce the winner this weekend!

September 27, 2010

{ our bedroom }

well, here is a few more detail pics around the room. . . i'm still far from done!

this is a pic of the NEW lampshade on my cheapo nighstand!
LOWE'S has the prettiest lampshades and they aren't expensive!!!


the color. . .

hubby's nightstand. . .

his lampshade is plain. . .UNTIL you turn it on. . then you can see the same material that is on the outside of mine, which is on the inside of his. . . .does that makes sense?

lampstand. . . .a brass lamp found at goodwill for 4 dollars!! spray painted oil rubbed bronze!

i wanted THIS mirror for over a year. **if you have free time, just look at all the GORGEOUS mirrors at neiman marcus** yep. you all know me. . .it wasn't going to happen.

well. i saw on mrs. edie's blog the mirror in the pic below above her bed. it was much smaller than the original one, but with a 30 dollar price tag. . . .i sent her an email. she said she got it at TJ MAX. i called the next minute. . . had them hold me one, and i was up there in a jiffy to pick it up! :)

more of hubby's nightstand. . .

our dresser. the pretty glass lamp to the left was a 4 dollar find. i took it apart and spray painted the gold brass base and top oil rubbed bronze, put it back together. . .now she's a beauty!

i LOVE LOVE this! hubby's granny told me a long time ago if something happened to her, i could have this cabinet. it was white and chippy. when she passed away, we had a GREAT guy in knoxville redo it for us, and is it gorgeous now! sometimes, it's just better to pay, instead of being a "DIYer"!
i have many picture frames in there without pictures. . .guess i need to get the boys' pics taken! ha!
this is above the tall dresser! there's that candle. . . i moved it. . .and i need another candle to complete the "look"!

and here was my little guy posing for the camera in his missmatched pjs, while i snapped these photos!

and. . .i'll show you my fast cheap diy curtains this week!!!!!

happy tuesday!!!

September 20, 2010

{ owlie painting }

one of my sweet friend's little girl just celebrated her 4th birthday!
well, i knew right away what i wanted to make her, but i was just not sure what i wanted to paint it on. . . .
i had a blank canvas, but when i decided to start browsing through my craft room, i found a couple of blank cabinet doors. . .so. . .with my trusty laptop. . .with what i needed to paint pulled up. . . . .
i got to work and painted her an owlie print for her new big girl bedroom!!! (and of course, i gave it away, and forgot to take a pic. . . so thank you L for sending me a pic)

just a few things to blog about:

i'm working on a baby girl gift with another cabinet door right now. . .
hairbands i've made for my hair. . . .
new bedroom curtains for three windows for a CHEAP PRICE. . .
necklace i made from a hairband from biglots. . .
and lots more stuff. . .

September 13, 2010

{ i'm just happy }

i say every single day that i'm going to sit down and take some of the images off all these memory cards, and the day gets away from me, and then it's time to go to bed!!!

here's a couple of my boys. . . .just to say i've blogged for the day! :)
these pics were taken about two weeks ago at a church cookout!!

sam showing me a silly face!

i think i had better go pack lunches for tomorrow and clean off a memory card for a senior shoot tomorrow!!!!!

September 6, 2010

{ precious almost 3 year old }

i love these pics of sweet E!!!! she has grown SO SO much since last year!!!
her mom and i actually met when i taught my photo class at sitc!!
i really adore this sweet family. . . .and it makes me adore her even more to think she said. . . .i trust you. . .whatever you want to do, i'm open for it!!
hip hip horray!!!

she still has a love for her favorite animal. . . can you guess which one??

notice the fly on one hand and the caterpillar on the other??
her shirt said LOVE IS EVERYWHERE! it makes me think how God's love is in everything. . . even small little bugs!!!

i'm going to try my best to get some great decor/crafting posts done this week.....i'm trying to come up with a mini-session date for christmas card pics as well. . .let me know if you are interested!!!!!
welcome to my colorful online journal filled with images of all sorts. . . .

my name is jessica. i am a wife, mom, Christian, daughter, & friend. i am married to my best friend. i am very happy, blessed, and oh so thankful! i used to teach third grade, but now we homeschool our children. i love (in no particular order. . . ) kissing on my kids, going on dates with my hubby, adoption, spending time with my family & friends, my bible, taking pictures, missions, decorating, pinterest, mallo cups, old windows, white cheese dip, romantic comedies, ice cream, cooking, peonies, crafting, baking, thrift stores, yard sales, going out to eat. . .i could go on and on!