August 31, 2010

{ and finally. . . . }

the last of my favorites, and some things to remember. . .
what is your favorite color? blue
your favorite food? shrimp & cheese dip
what is your favorite thing to do - go outside and get on the rhino [teryx]
what is your favorite tv show - caillou, america's funniest videos, curious george
who are your favotite friends - brock, austin, see saw, & lyndsey
if you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? go to the river (he was just there yesterday)
what is your favorite sport? basketball and football
what do you want to be when you grow up? a policeman
what is your favorite book? a tractor book

where do i get a real. . .true sam smile? yep. . .in the van! it figures!

pickin' and a grinnin'

that's all folks. . . . .senior session coming up next and bunches of craft projects!!!

August 30, 2010

{ more 4 year photos. . .at the fair }

i tried to include things that he LOVES at this age. . .
  • guitars. . .
  • four wheelers. . .
  • tractors. . . .
  • and being outside. . .
here are just a few more. i'll finish up his four year pic post tomorrow with a few more of my favs!

August 29, 2010

{ 4 year pics & some of a 2 year old, too}

sam's 4 year pics turned into about 80 edited pics in a folder on my desktop! i'm so indecisive as to what to order to hang on the walls. . .that's on my TO DO LIST for this week. . .
here are some of my favs from the apple orchard. . .i'll share some from our other stops this week as well!!!

August 25, 2010

{ hip hip horray }

guess what???

yes. . .it is back, so hopefully, that means that i am back, and i'll be checking my favorite blogs out as well. when i put my laptop back together (YEP..I DID IT ALL BY MYSELF....pretty thrilled about saving us some money there!) and clicked on my favorites on this computer, i was astonished at all my favorite blogs that i haven't checked out in MONTHS! that i had actually forgot about!!

one thing i wanted to tell you guys about is GROUPON.

they now have a KNOXVILLE section. . .

if you sign up, an email is waiting for you everyday with a SUPER awesome and SUPER cheap deal! great for families that have to find things to do on the c-h-e-a-p!!

a set of 4 baseball tickets to the smokies game, 4 hot dogs, and 4 cokes went for 20 dollars the other day! today's deal is for putt-putt, but it's in farragut. . .a little too far for us to drive!!

but you don't have to be a KNOXVILLE person to do it. . .go on there and find your city. . .and it will send you updates for that city. . . .pretty cool!!!

ok. .

i'm working on a post about my sweet sam's fourth birthday!

i'll have it up tomorrow or friday. . promise. . .you may even see it pop up today. . .but, i doubt it!!
and. . . .
i got a comment the other day from jason at giveaway scout. the site says it best:
we automatically scan thousands of blogs to bring you the latest blog giveaways, sweepstakes and contests.
so. . .i'll be joining up with them on a giveaway soon. . .hopefully for my blog anniversary!

August 19, 2010

{ guess what }

have you met these gals? if not, then today is the day!

i've linked them up before. . . .but today. . . yes. . .today, they've made my day by featuring little ol' me and my cheapo nightstand in our bedroom!!!

check it out MY POST HERE!!!!!!

August 10, 2010

{ is it because i won't post }

that my followers keep decreasing? oh my. . .i'm sorry. . .

my excuse???

would you believe that dell STILL HAS NOT sent my lcd screen that i ordered at the beginning of july. . .you know, the one where the crazy sales lady told me it was in stock! i'm so tired of dell. i'm definitely going with an apple the next time i purchase! i said that out loud, huh? when i was taking an intro computer class my freshman year of college, i had to use an apple and i hated it. . . .but when i've used scrappin' in the city's computer, i've LOVED theirs! i guess it's come a long way since then!

ok. . .
onto pics....
i have to get my bottom in gear. . .come down here and post something, right? so why not some senior photos?

class of 2011
here are some of my favorite's from Miss T's session!

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